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Take Your Server to the Next Level with DirectAdmin VPS Hosting

Premium Control Panel is for free with YouStable’s VPS Hosting. Experience the latest technology hosting with YouStable.

  • Open LiteSpeed Optimised VPS
  • Managed Security Modules
  • Easy to Manage Control Panel
  • Easy Scalability of resources
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An Ideal Choice For an Ideal DirectAdmin VPS Hosting

Custom-made plan with your choice of the control panel. Get quotations of YouStable’s DirectAdmin VPS Hosting now.

Youstable vStart


50% Discount



  • CPU
    1 CPU
  • RAM
    4 GB RAM
  • NVMe SSD
    50 GB NVMe SSD
  • Bandwidth
    750 GB Bandwidth
  • Youstable DirectAdmin
Youstable vProfessional


50% Discount



  • CPU
    2 CPU
  • RAM
    6 GB RAM
  • NVMe SSD
    100 GB NVMe SSD
  • Bandwidth
    1.5 TB Bandwidth
  • Youstable DirectAdmin
Youstable vPopular


50% Discount



  • CPU
    4 CPU
  • RAM
    8 GB RAM
  • NVMe SSD
    120 GB NVMe SSD
  • Bandwidth
    1.75 TB Bandwidth
  • Youstable DirectAdmin
Youstable DirectAdmin

You Can also Install DirectAdmin for Yourself on CentOS now!

Manage your server effortlessly by Installing DirectAdmin Hosting Panel. You may also configure the server with the default Apache Server or OpenLiteSpeed by setting them up.

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Configured DirectAdmin VPS Hosting Features

Industry-leading technology with faster loading sites, YouStable is ready to support you in all ways.

Ease of Use

Ease of Use

The easiest to use control panel with VPS hosting. By simply clicking a button, design layouts can be changed, enabling quick and simple changes to the interface, which provides tools that are easy to understand and operate without needing to be techy.

Lightweight Speed

Lightweight Speed

One of the fastest and most lightweight running control panels on the market. Due to this, DirectAdmin is perfect for a variety of systems, including VPS units. Test it out for yourself to see the speed difference!

Everlasting Stability

Everlasting Stability

DirectAdmin prevents downtime by automatically repairing itself after crashes and notifying the system administrator for further action. DirectAdmin is a fully standalone control panel where administrators can upgrade and downgrade services, libraries, etc., efficiently.

Free Migration

Free Migration

YouStable provides free migration facilities to its DirectAdmin VPS Hosting users. You can easily transfer your website from your previous hosting providers to ours with no data loss! All you need to do is contact our technical support and leave the rest to them.

Highly Scalable

Highly Scalable

You can easily scale your server's configurations and increase or decrease the resources per your requirements. You are the owner of your hosting. Hence you will get all the facilities to feel like one.

24*7 Customer Support

24*7 Customer Support

There’s no need to worry when you’re working with YouStable. Get technical, and all other hosting supports at any time of the day or night. YouStable has a call, chat, email and ticket options to communicate.

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24/7 Friendly Customer Support

YouStable knows the importance of prioritising customers and their needs. In order to maintain integrity and offer the customers the best of services, our team of professionals is always up and running to provide assistance and solve your queries in no time!

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Industry-leading Technologies For Your Website!!

YouStable relies on the most renowned and trusted technologies to provide better and unbeatable services

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Maximum Operating System Support!

YouStable offers custom operating system installation support! No matter which OS you need in our CyberPanel VPS hosting server, YouStable has got it all for you.

Youstable Alma
Youstable centos

Confidence of Thousands Happy Customers!

Established in 2015, Youstable is an Indian brand that has come a long way and still striving its best to achieve perfection.
We are grateful for all the love from our thousands happy customers present across the globe.

Have Questions?

We’re here to answer them!

What is VPS Hosting?

A virtual private server is referred to as VPS. A VPS operates by creating separate virtual machines on a physical server. These virtual computers, also known as virtual private servers, all function separately from one another. In other words, each VPS has a dedicated operating system with a set amount of RAM, CPU, and disc space. This gives you access to a setting that nearly resembles that of a dedicated server without having to pay the associated fees.

What are VPS Hosting Benefits?

Getting to have dedicated services than shared and enjoying the provided features to the fullest is what VPS imparts and benefits to its users.

How do I get started with VPS Hosting? (How do I set up VPS Hosting?)

All you have to do is order the VPS plan you want and leave the rest upon YouStable. From set-up, configuring and getting it started for you, all will be taken care of.

Why Host your VPS with YouStable?

With full root access, superfast NVMe SSD drives, latest processors, choice of control panel and a lot more are comprised within VPS hosting plans. 24*7 customer support works as a plus!

Can I host several websites on a VPS?

Yes, you can host an unlimited number of websites on VPS once you purchase the appropriate plan.

Can I Upgrade to a different VPS hosting Plan later?

Yes, you can upgrade to any VPS hosting plan at any time. YouStable will help you with the process and make it hassle-free and quick.

Which Operating System is available for my VPS Hosting plan?

YouStable has various operating systems options, like CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora and Windows.

Do you offer a Control Panel for an easy administrator of my VPS?

Yes, YouStable offers a Direct Admin control panel for free with its VPS Hosting plans! Also, you can enjoy control panels like CyberPanel and cPanel, provided by YouStable.

Will I get a free domain name and email service included with my VPS?

Yes, you will get free email services, but no, there’s no free domain provided with the VPS plans by YouStable.

What are the advantages of a VPS compared to a dedicated server?

The most advantageous factor that we can point out between the two is that you still get dedicated services under VPS that too at lesser and cost-effective prices.

What’s the difference between VPS Hosting, Shared Hosting, and Dedicated Server Hosting?

Shared Hosting is when you get a space or a part on the server amongst various other users that are operating on it. VPS Hosting is when you get a part on the server, all to yourselves. The amount of resources you get is not meant to be shared with anyone. They are all yours! Dedicated Hosting is when you have the whole server to yourself, no sharing, total privacy and full coverage of resources.

Is there a trial period or money-back guarantee?

Yes, YouStable provides both: a 3-days trial period. They also provide a 30-days money-back guarantee (for first sign-ups) on their VPS hosting.

Ready to Serve You During Times of Doubt

All-time available to solve your queries. YouStable’s expert team stands firm in serving its customers with utmost excellence.
You can contact customer support 24*7*365!