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Our cheap Dedicated servers allow maximum customizations, configurations, & flexible installation. Get Full Root Access, Advanced Management, Total Control, and increased performance.

Best Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting Plans

We understand how speed affects your site ranking! YouStable offers you enterprise-level High-Performing Dedicated Server with Maximum Control and complete Root Access.

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Why Choose Dedicated Server From YouStable?

Honestly? Once you take it, you’ll love it! There are 3 points that keep you one step ahead of the competition.

We understand the importance of time, and that is why we offer you an instant setup on your self managed Dedicated servers.

Our most reliable Bare Metal Servers will be immediately activated, and this allows you to stay one step ahead of your competitors.

You are paying a decent amount of money, you deserve the control! At YouStable, we respect that and are dedicated to offer you an open ecosystem for your sites with no hidden terms!

We offer the cheapest Dedicated server hosting which is fully managed by the client. You can install the operating system, PHP, & Database of your choice. Most importantly you will get 2 dedicated IP’s.

YouStable offers local language support (Eng-Hindi). You can rely on our dedicated team of technicians which are active round the clock, 24/7/365.

YouStable offers multiple options to contact our dedicated team and they will be happy to provide expert and personal support via Call, Chat, Ticket, and Email.

Excellent Operating System Support!

YouStable offers custom operating system installation support! No matter which OS you need in our Dedicated server hosting, YouStable got it all for you.


Queries About Dedicated Server Hosting

It’s time to eliminate your doubts about the cheap dedicated server hosting.

When the client gets full access to a server with admin-level control this type of server is said to be a dedicated server.

If you are struggling with VPS hosting to fulfill your requirements, then you’ll need a dedicated server. Dedicated hosting might be on the expensive side but it is quite speedy when compared to VPS hosting with more resources, services and better security.

You can host unlimited websites with dedicated servers. Along with that, you get unlimited resources, better security and full admin control.

When you get started with a youstable cheap dedicated server, you get many state of art benefits from it. To list a few:

  1. Resources are not shared
  2. Full Admin Control
  3. Enhanced performance and security
  4. Better Flexibility
  5. Dedicated IP address

You can install the control panel of your choice as it completely depends on your requirements.

You can purchase the license for the control panel from us at discounted prices.

You will get full root access with your dedicated server and you can reboot, reinstall, or rebuild by generating a ticket with our support team. Our technical team will help you with it.

You will get 1 dedicated IP with dedicated server hosting. However, if you need more IPs, you can get them at an extra charge. You can raise a ticket and talk with our customer support executive for more details.

You will get full root access, terminal access and SSH access. In other words, you will get full control over your server.

It usually takes around 1-3 days for setting up a dedicated server

The minimum price for YouStable dedicated server hosting is $50 where you’ll get 4 cores (3.20GHz), 16 GB DDR3 RAM, 2 SATA storage drives of 1 TB each with 10 TB bandwidth.

You should move to the dedicated server hosting if your business website has grown to a point where a VPS server can not handle the traffic surges and offer you the optimal speed and security that your customers need.

Yes, you may upgrade your dedicated server plan as per your requirement. All you have to do is raise a ticket request with our support team and they’ll guide you through it.

Here are some key differences between shared and dedicated hosting:

VPS Hosting Dedicated Hosting
Flexible but limited resources. Flexibility at its peak and resources as per your needs.
You can install your own security software but can still be affected by others carelessness. You’re in charge of your own security and can’t be put on risk because of other users’ carelessness
Fast loading speed Super quick loading speeds. Can handle huge surges in traffic