Install SSL on cPanel hostname with an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is crucial for protecting your site’s traffic through encryption. This guide focuses on installing an SSL certificate on a cPanel hostname, ensuring secure access to your site’s cPanel/WHM interfaces.

Prepare before installation

  • Login to your WHM account.
  • A valid SSL certificate. This can be a free certificate from Let’s Encrypt or a paid certificate from a trusted Certificate Authority (CA).
  • Ensure your hostname properly resolves to your server’s IP. An incorrect DNS setting is a common issue that prevents SSL certificates from being validated and installed correctly.
  • Install LetsEncrypt on your WHM AutoSSL (Usually its installed by default)

Step-by-Step Guide

  • Log into WHM: Access your Web Host Manager (WHM) using your root credentials. The URL typically follows this format: https://yourserverip:2087.
How to Install SSL on cPanel Hostname {Easy Steps} 1
  • Navigate to ‘Install an SSL Certificate’: On the WHM dashboard, find the “SSL/TLS” section and click on “Install an SSL Certificate on a Domain“.
  • Specify the Domain: Type in your cPanel’s hostname in the “Domain” field. Your hostname is something like
How to Install SSL on cPanel Hostname {Easy Steps} 2
  • Enter Certificate Details: You need three key pieces of information:
    • The Certificate (CRT)
    • The Private Key (KEY)
    • Certificate Authority Bundle (CABUNDLE) (optional for some certificates)
    If you have purchased an SSL certificate, these details will be provided by your CA. Let’s Encrypt certificates, can be obtained through your cPanel or via SSH.
How to Install SSL on cPanel Hostname {Easy Steps} 3
  • AutoFill by Domain: Alternatively, if the system can retrieve your SSL certificate based on the domain name, you can click “Autofill by Domain” after entering the hostname. This action will populate the certificate details automatically.
  • Install the Certificate: Once all information is filled in or auto-filled, click “Install”. You’ll see a confirmation message once the installation is successful.
How to Install SSL on cPanel Hostname {Easy Steps} 4
  • Verify Installation: Use an SSL checker tool online to verify that the SSL certificate is correctly installed on your hostname. You should also manually check by accessing https://yourhostname, looking for the padlock icon in the browser.


Installing an SSL certificate on your cPanel hostname is a straightforward process that significantly enhances your website’s security. By following the detailed steps outlined above, you can ensure that your site benefits from encrypted connections, safeguarding both your data and your users’ privacy.

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