Goal: How to Become a Content Writer Without Any Experience?

Looking forward to starting your content writing journey on the internet? Then, you will need to know the parameters you have to qualify in to become a successful content writer on the internet.

Since the increase in the use of the internet all over the world, content writing has become quite a known term among its users.

First, let’s know what content writing is?

What is Content Writing?

No matter what type of business you have online, you need to keep in touch with your customers through different channels and several formats of content.

Business owners today should look beyond the traditional forms of advertising to compete in the digital market.

A strong presence online can be helpful for business owners to attract new customers and develop customer loyalty.

A company or consumers can benefit in many ways by creating valuable content.

Content writing refers to the professional form of writing that is used to create content for online purposes. This writing is created for the online audience to fulfill specific marketing objectives.

The business owners publish their content called ‘copy’ for several reasons such as –increase the traffic on their website or giving information about new products and services to their customers.

Top Parameters of Content Writing to Drive TrafficBecome a Content Writer

Now let us know about the factors that will help you write your content which will help you drive more traffic.             

1. Start With Keyword Research:

It is the process of identifying keywords that people regularly use in search engines.

Keyword research is very important before you start content writing as it will help your blog content or website to rank higher on Google and other search engines.

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This is an SEO strategy that will increase the reach of your website towards a larger audience online.

2. Be A Smart Researcher:

Before you start writing about any particular topic, keep in mind that the purpose of creating that content is to give a wake-up call to your online audience or to inspire them by the creation of your content.

Assume that your audience doesn’t know much about that particular topic and try to give a comprehensible and easy explanation about the whole topic.

Thoroughly research the topic before you start writing to get a clear idea and understanding of the topic yourself first.

3. Be Unique In Your Article:

Google only considers unique thoughts, if you will copy and paste someone else’s thoughts how can you even expect to rank your article?

Your sentence building style must be unique and overall, the sentence must be unique. If you want your content to rank, you need to show your unique writing skills.

Explore different areas of your interest and understand the style of your writing. That will add uniqueness to your content and you can surely gain more expertise in the genre you prefer.

4. Grab Attention by a Catchy Headline:

Learn how to write catchy headlines for your article as it is the first thing that grabs the attention of your audience.

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A catchy headline would make the audience curious, bringing in more traffic to your blog or website.

5. Stick To The Point:

There are so many distractions around us that we might lose track halfway through the article.

Firstly, set a boundary and stay within the limit which will help the content writing of your website to stay intact and within the set boundaries.

Now mention the line of argument, then break it down into smaller sub-points. Finally, sum up the argument by writing a to-the-point conclusion.

6. Think of Writing For A Single Person:

How do you read a blog or post? Do you call for a group to join in or do you read it when you’re by yourself?

Chances are, you read it when you’re by yourself, like most of us do. Just like that, visualize only one person as your targeted reader.

That one person represents the rest of your content readers. Writing for a single person can make your content powerful and is also a quick way to find your voice.

The audience will feel a personal connection while reading the content and there will be better engagement for your site.

7. Use Some Visuals:

Add some visual content to your writing to make it look more appealing.

Visual content writing primarily has image-based content which includes pictures, charts, diagrams, memes, videos, infographics, or other types of visual content accompanied by some inspirational or informative text. 

8. Must Have A Clear Goal For Whom To Write:

Try to know about the type of audience that will interact with your content.

Having an idea of whom you’re writing for helps you create content that your target audience will find relatable.

9. Align Your Tone To Your Target Audience:

“Tone” can be described as the quality of writing that can strengthen your content.

You can have a different tone in writing like formal, informal, solemn, playful, ironic, etc. You can have an edge over the competition if you have an understanding of voice and tone in writing. 

10. Storytelling On Your Article For Better Understanding:

A writer should develop storytelling skills as stories can make their audience grasp a deeper understanding of their writings.


The art of storytelling can hook your audience’s attention to the content and can help persuade them.

11. Leverage External Data And Go Into Detail:

External data is the kind of data that is found on online publications, videos, industry blogs, ebooks, online courses, etc.

You have to be careful while using this kind of data as it does not primarily come from you. But it can be very useful for your content strategy.

You need to pick the right data from thousands of pages present online to leverage and then expand it into detail.

Make sure that your research study or data resonates with your readers and about 80% of your readers should find it irresistible.

12. Integrate User Feedback Into Your Content:

Keep it more interactive by adding blogs or comment sections. Be open and brave towards criticism and use it in a constructive way that improves your overall performance.

When your readers will leave feedback appreciating your work, it will motivate you and would give you an idea about what the audience finds appealing.

Share your work with your friends or family and ask them to give their honest opinions in a third person so you can recognize the mistakes as well as the strong points of your content.                            

13. Use Visual Assets To Increase Your Content’s Perceived Value:

As a marketer running a business online, it’s important to know the use of visual content to gain higher returns such as likes, shares, clients, followers, or increased revenue.

Visual content marketing is a strategic approach that is used to inform, engage or influence the audience.

Add some videos, infographics, emojis, and images to make your article more engaging and attractive.

14. Be Kind To Your Audience:

Be kind and develop an understanding with your audience for them to feel more connected with your content.

Once your audience will start resonating with your content and feel connected, they will become your regular readers.

15. Talk to Your Audience If You Want to Know More About Your Audience:

Never forget to publish your content either if you’re writing it for yourself or for a client.

It boosts your confidence and improves your writing skills. It also becomes helpful in building a strong portfolio.


If you love reading books, reading relaxes your mind and you have a passion for writing then you can definitely choose to become a content writer. 

The process is obviously not going to be easy. You will have to do a lot of research work and practice to find the type of writing that suits you the best.

But all these struggles will only sharpen your skills.

Have confidence in yourself and work hard to make it big!

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