How to fix the Error too Many Redirects on WordPress

The error “ERROR TOO MANY REDIRECTS” occurs on WordPress platform. It might look like a simple problem that has one issue, and you can solve it in a few clicks. Unfortunately, it is one problem that occurred for several reasons, and there are different solutions to get rid of it.

As we have suggested that there are many reasons behind it. We have tried all solution to identify the culprit and get rid of it. So you have no other option to try our all solutions to punish the culprit.

Solution for Error Too Many Redirects

Solution #1: Disable All Plugins

Usually, plugins are designed to get a difficult task done in a few clicks. However, WordPress users add multiple plugins on the platform, and it interferes with one and another.

Step 1: Login to your WordPress account, and click on “Plugins > Installed Plugins.“

error too many redirects

Step 2: Mark all plugins, and select “Deactivate” from the drop-down menu, and then click on “Apply” to finish the changes.

error too many redirects

Make sure to clear the cache of the browser, and then test the site, if the problem persists. If the issue has not resolved yet, then move on to the next solution.

Solution #2: Confirm Address

A newbie does not understand the difference between site address and WordPress address, so they end up having different URL.

error too many redirects

The differences can cause major issues with the page loading because the browser is expecting site address and then it gets WordPress address. The error “ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS” cause due to the wrong URL.

You can check the URL by going to WordPress dashboard > Settings > General and then check Site Address & WordPress Address.

Solution #3: Delete .htaccess

The site runs on a path, and it created by .htaccess file and the redirection process main culprit could be the wrong configuration. In many cases, we have errors due to the wrong configuration, and you can solve them by correcting it.

Step 1: Login to your YouStable cPanel account and type “file manager.

error too many redirects

Step 2: Click on the “file manager” and click “public_html” to open it.

error too many redirects

Step 3: I could not find the .htaccess file, so you have to click on “settings” located at the top right menu.

How to fix the Error too Many Redirects on WordPress 1

Step 4: A confirmation pop-up shows up, and you have to click on “show hidden files (dotfiles)” and click on save.

error too many redirects

Step 5: Now, I can see the .htaccess file, and right-mouse click to view more options, and you have to click on ”rename” to disable it. I have also pointed out that you should remember this step.

error too many redirects

Step 6: Now, add “.old” to the file name because we are going to disable it, and then check if the problem resolves or not.

error too many redirects

Step 7: In case, if the solution worked out for you, then go back and remove the“.old” to restore it.

error too many redirects

Now, add the given codes at the bottom of the .htaccess file, and you can edit it by following the step I asked to remember earlier.

I have shared the code above, so copy and paste it to resolve the issue. In case, if the problem persists, then you can contact YouStable support team for information.

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