What are the Benefits of a Professional Email Address?

Why is it important to have professional emailing for your business? Why can’t it be in a more informal way? Here’s the answer: an average person spends about 13 hours per week in their inbox as found by Mckinsey in one of their surveys.

This brings us to the point that email is an important part of our business growth. Practical email messaging is important for both parties, i.e., businesses and customers. Don’t take our word for granted before researching it yourself.

Here we’ll explain to you how sharp and professional emailing can help grow the business of your firm.

When customers receive personalized emails from businesses, they feel like they are part of the “family”.

  • There is a thing with people who sign up for your emails, they are looking for more than just being part of the group. They want to know more about the product or the service that you are providing.
  • Automation in emails has helped businesses to save time as sending individual emails is an exhausting thing to do. This helps the business to stay consistent in its communication with its customers.
  • With the help of professional emails, you can get feedback from your customers which can help you improve your service.
  • It helps in increasing your brand awareness with the help of cost-cutting. Now you don’t need to invest heavily to promote your brand on billboards. Emails can do that too.

How can your Business Benefit from a Professional Email Address?

One simple way in which you can check the authenticity or credibility of a business or an individual who just sent you an email is to check their email extension.

If it is not from a serious or genuine source then the e-mail might look like [email protected], but if it is from someone who is a genuine brand and is serious about their business then their email could look like [email protected], etc.

benefit from a professional email address

The initial step taken by a firm or a business to distinguish themselves from spammers is to adopt a professional email address that reflects their authenticity. Going for a free email address is not seen as a good decision for the longevity of your business.

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People don’t consider emails from free email services serious and think of them as spam. This is the reason why such emails are kept in spam by customers.

There is a lot of unseen damage caused by free email services to your business without your knowledge. For example- no response, lack of customers landing on your website, lack of sales conversions, etc.

1. Gives you more authority

You receive an email from [email protected] and it says, “we have the best furniture, kindly buy from us”. Now even if Tom has the best furniture listed on his websites you would hesitate to buy from him because it seems to be spam.

How people perceive you and your business is dependent on something as simple as an email address. If you want to be taken seriously by your customers then stay away from free email addresses as it promotes yahoo or AOL instead of your domain.

Pair your domain name with a professional email address to establish trust and grow your business simultaneously. It becomes easier for your customers to trust you with a professional email address.

When you have the company name in the domain name then it gives an impression that your company is genuine and it exists in the real world. This makes more trust between you and your customer and there is a better chance of getting them on your website.

2. Professional Email Boosts your brand

Professional Email Boosts your brand

Every business should take every opportunity that comes their way to create awareness about their brand. Emails are one of the most efficient ways to establish the name of your brand in your customer’s minds as every time they receive an email from your company they’ll get reminded of the name of your company.

With time people start associating your name with your company’s name and vice versa, which is great for both your business as well as your branding.

3. Is it Customizable?

Professional emails are customizable which means you have several advantages such as it is easier for customers to contact you. They will find your customized email address easier to remember when they need it.

This means as long as they remember your domain name, they can keep your email address in their mind.

4. Gets you Past Spam Filters

Internet Service Providers (ISP) first move to defend against spammers is spam trap, these are made specially to identify and track spammers. If your sent mail hits such an address then the ISP flags you immediately as a spammer.

The effects of this can be pretty scary! Because your deliverability rates go down, your domain name gets blocked, and it can take nearly twelve months to get back a good sender reputation. Let’s go over things that can help you to avoid spam filters:

There was a study made by Convince and Convert which showed that approximately 70% of people marked emails as spam based on the subject lines they see in the mail.

  • If people want to unsubscribe then make it easier for them by providing a one-step process to unsubscribe. Respect their wishes and never email them again.
  • If there are subscribers who don’t open your emails then it is better to remove them from your mailing list as it can cause damage to the reputation of your domain which directly affects delivery rates.
  • Don’t send several emails to an inactive user as this affects your bounce rate. ISP keeps a record of this and if your bounce rate reaches a certain level then it will mark you as a spammer.
  • Don’t make false promises, what you write in the subject of your email should be delivered in the body of the email else the user might mark you as spam.

5. Protects your business data

Business data files are essential to be backed up either on an online hard disk such as Google Drive or some other platform that you find convenient.

The reason behind backing up data is that it protects it in case your webmail provider decides to shut you down without any prior notification or if some hacker finds their way into your database.

Online mischief can cause damage to your data so it is considered better to keep a backup of your business data on an online platform as it is easy to access from anywhere.

With cPanel VPS Hosting, you can easily set up a professional email address for your business or personal use.

6. You get better results from marketing campaigns

For small businesses, email marketing helps to use their budget and time efficiently. With small businesses, there are budget and time constraints that the company has to take care of while buying an ad to play during the NBA would seem like a good idea but that’s not an option for most of the businesses running out there.

With marketing campaigns, you get the opportunity to leverage your work, the number of hours that would’ve been wasted in useless efforts of trying to reach potential and future customers can be saved through email marketing campaigns.

Having a better idea of how email marketing can help your business grow will help your company. There should be a dedicated team to look after the marketing campaigns and look after other aspects such as data security, avoiding spam filters, etc.

In this article, we have covered all the things to help you get a better understanding of How a professional email address can benefit your business which will help you save your time and budget. If you have any queries you can leave them in our comment section below our team will support you to solve your issue.

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